Archaeological site evaluations and
walkover surveys

For archaeological site evaluations and reliable walkover survey data across the Highlands and Scottish Islands area, get in touch with West Coast Archaeological Services.

Archaeological walkover survey

Whether you need advice on heritage and planning or require a site evaluation prior to development works, contact West Coast Archaeological Services. 
We provide a comprehensive range of archaeological services at competitive prices. Call us on 07867 651886 to find out more and book our services.


Our Services

• Archaeological walkover surveys

• Site surveys and evaluations

• Historic building survey

• Archaeological watching briefs

• Excavations

• Heritage and planning

• Desk based assessments

• Environmental impact assessments

• Project planning

• Post excavation analysis

• Community heritage projects

A site survey being completed

Consultancy Services

If you are looking for a consultant who specialises in archaeological planning and heritage issues across the Highlands and Scottish Islands, get in touch with West Coast Archaeological Services.


At West Coast Archaeological Services we offer a range of consultancy services to provide you with cost effective solutions, allowing you to anticipate risks and minimise delays. We also help you plan your project efficiently and responsibly.

Site Surveys & Excavations

For archaeological surveys and site excavations across the Highlands area and Islands in Scotland, get in touch with West Coast Archaeological Services.

If you need to fulfil any kind of planning requirement related to the historic environment we will help you. Our team can design a survey, complete an archaeological site evaluation and excavate in accordance to your development requirements.

Call us on 07867 651886 to find out more today.

What we provide:

• Well-experienced fieldwork

• Post-excavation services

• Geophysical services

• Site surveys

Our team of experts possess the necessary set of skills that are required to plan, research and manage historic environments. 


Have a look at some of our projects to see some of the archaeology we have handled in the past.

A site survey and excavation

Contact West Coast Archaeological Services

For land surveys and archaeological site evaluations in the Highlands and the Scottish Islands. Get in touch with West Coast Archaeological Services.

Call: 07867 651886



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